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To date, we have had 108 individuals attend at least one level of training. Of these, a total of 19 have completed all 3 levels. Over the next few months we will be conducting training in the Eden Karoo area of the Western Cape as well as in the Helderberg area, where we anticipate a further 20 individuals will complete their third level of training.

What does the different levels entail? Our training is divided into:

  • Level 1 covers an introduction to disability in general, rights for people with disabilities and basic strategies for supporting a person who has a disability.

  • Level 2 goes into more detail about 15 of the most common disabilities and particular strategies needed to support a person who has these diagnoses.

  • Level 3 looks at the various types of support programmes and activities that need to be done in an Adult Day Care centre and how they can plan their daily activities, specific to the individuals who attend their Adult Day Care centre.

Ruth & Debbi are currently raising funds for our training by taking part in the 2023 Klipspringer Challenge. Read more about their campaign on and show them some support!



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