who we are

We are a team of occupational therapists who are passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and assisting them to achieve their full potential. 


To create a better everyday quality of life for adults with disabilities

in the Western Cape, South Africa.


Senecio is committed to improving the lives and circumstances of adults with disabilities in underprivileged, under-serviced areas through therapeutic intervention, lobbying and establishing strategic partnerships.

Senecio is further committed to offering sustainable support and care by empowering the caregivers through effective training and placing them in contact with relevant resources.


Respect, care and commitment with integrity.

Meet The Team

We also have various supporters and volunteers that support us on a daily basis behind the scenes.


Ruth Boshoff

Barbara Foguet


Liezl Viljoen


Veronica Janse Van Rensburg


Mieke Rautenbach


Tony Butcher

Ignus Roelevel

Dr Michiel van Zyl

it's all in the name

Senecio Arenarius, also known as the Hongerblom (hungry flower) in Afrikaans, is one of a kind. 

A flower that can bloom in the harshest of conditions. Our beneficiaries are exactly the same,

with a little bit of guidance and tender loving care their astounding potential comes to life!​

Our logo was designed by the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography students with the Senecio Arenarius in mind, the dots symbolise pollen that is spread widely across the field to grow new flowers the next season. Just like we increase our of area of intervention yearly to reach as many beneficiaries as possible. 

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Blandford House

67 Caledon Street

Somerset West

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