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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Ruth, one of our occupational therapists and her training partner, Debbi will be taking on the Klipspringer Challenge 2023 in aid of Senecio's training initiatives.

Last year, Ruth entered the 2022 Klipspringer Challenge alongside her mom and husband. She completed the full distance (32km) on the first day but knew that she wouldn’t finish the full distance on the second day, so she opted to switch to the shorter 21km route on the second day.

This year, her goal is to complete both full days (31 and 32km respectively) and to spur her on, herself and Debbi will be raising funds for Senecio's training initiatives. In a way, they're training for training!

The Klipspringer Challenge is a two-day trail run, covering a total of 65km (32km on day 1 and 33km on day 2) through the beautiful Augrabies Falls National Park. The first day runs through the remote Northern section of the park on the northern bank of the Orange River, while the second day follows the route of the 3-day Klipspringer hike on the Southern bank of the Orange River.

Ruth and Debbi love to run and have been training hard for the challenge. They are excited to use their passion for running to support our training initiatives and aim to raise R20 000 to help us provide vital support and training to people with disabilities.

To achieve their fundraising goal, Ruth and Debbi have launched a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is open to everyone who wants to support their cause and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Donations of any amount are welcome, and supporters can donate via:

Ruth and Debbi are determined to make a positive impact through their passion for running. They hope that their efforts will inspire others to join them in supporting Senecio's training initiatives!



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