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Our services

Our main goal is to improve the longterm quality of life for adults with disabilities by supporting centres in underprivileged communities in the Western Cape. 

Here's how we do it:

1. needs analysis

We conduct a needs analysis at the identified centre for adults,

to determine the level of therapeutic intervention required. 

2. Assessment

We assess the individuals with disabilities in the identified centres to determine the level of support or intervention required. 

3. Develop RESOURCES

We develop resources for these centres according to their specific needs and continuously

adapting and developing according to their evolving goals. 

4. Training and development 

We provide training according to each centre's needs. This includes capacity building and skills development of the staff and management, in order to support the adults with disabilities. 

5. Community networking

We link centres to local services and facilitate collaborations in order to strengthen their support networks.

6. Monitoring and evaluation

We monitor the effectiveness of each centre's tailored resources and adjust as needed, to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of life for adults with disabilities.  


If you are looking for similar organisations in Helderberg or Somerset West - Changeability has created a one-stop online information resource about disability organisations that is easily accessible to all.​

Take a look at the map. 

Locations we are currently working in


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