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Our main goal is to support people with disabilities in underprivileged communities in the Western Cape and empower their caregivers and family members. 

Here's how we do it:

1. needs analysis

We conduct a needs analysis at the identified daycare centre based in the Western Cape,

to determine the level of therapeutic intervention required. 

2. Assessment

We assess the individuals with disabilities in the identified daycare centres to determine the level of intervention that is required. Thereafter we recommend and/or provide the specialised therapeutic support required. 

3. Develop training programs

 We develop a day-to-day tailored training program for the caregivers and families. The programs include stimulation and self-care activities.

4. Training and implementation 

We train and implement the tailored program within the centre. This includes capacity building and development of the caregivers and families, in order to support the individuals with disabilities. 

5. Monitoring and evaluation

We ensure the tailored centre programs are implemented and managed effectively.

Thereafter we adjust and improve the program based upon our evaluation, to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of life of our beneficiaries.

Locations we are currently working in



We are on a mission to improve our financial sustainability and independence at Senecio!

That is why our secondary organisational focus is social enterprise (applying commercial strategies to maximize the improvement of an organisations financial, social and environmental well-being).  In order, to generate an income and self-fund our primary services, as mentioned above. 

Here's what we have to offer: 


Rent our fully equipped therapy room in the heart of Somerset West.


The room is spacious, adjustable and the perfect place to work with children.


Amenities & Equipment include:
- Air Conditioner
- Therapy Blocks
- Crashpad
- Plinth
- Gym Balls
- Toy Library
- Trampoline
- Exercise Mats
And lots more!

Contact us for more information about our rental packages,


Looking to explore the Western Cape, but you need to accommodate a wheelchair?  Our Caddy is available to hire on weekends and holidays!

The Senecio Caddy is specially adapted to transport a wheelchair user, with a ramp for ease of access.  It can seat 5 people and has space for a secured wheelchair in the back as well.

Contact us to make a booking! 

THERAPeutic equipment

We sell customised therapeutic equipment, on request.


Our equipment offering includes: 

 - Sandbags

 - Therapy wedges and blocks in a variety of sizes

 - Customised bibs 

 - A variety of sensory weights

 - Soft hand splints for children  

Feel free to get in touch if you require a tailored piece of equipment.


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Blandford House

67 Caledon Street

Somerset West

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